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Content Marketing Strategy

Any modern marketing plan must start with compelling content as its foundation. Currently, more than 50% of businesses spend money, time, and effort on content marketing.

content marketing strategy

with most of them publishing new material every day.

content marketing search volume

We are aware of how crucial it is to create high-quality material, but what should your initial move be? What do you do?

In this article, I’ll lead you through a quick and simple procedure for developing a strong content strategy based on competition analysis in a matter of minutes.

The techniques in this article will help you create a list of keywords and topics you want to target and make it simple to decide which ones to pursue first.

Examining the competition is an excellent place to start when creating a content strategy.

You can identify places where you could lack content or perhaps miss out on potential clients by learning which keywords your competitors are utilizing. And it’s not a problem if you don’t know who your competitors are in detail.

I’m going to show you a tool that can help you find them. Let’s start now.

The Semrush Keyword Gap tool will be the first tool I will show to you.

semrush keyword gap tool

This is a good tool that analyzes your website with that of your rivals and displays terms that you both share and, more crucially, those that you don’t.

This tool will genuinely recommend rival websites for you to compare your website to. The tool handles this for you even if you don’t have a clear understanding of who to compare yourself to.

As an illustration, I’m going to use the SEO tool Additionally, the tool will recommend websites for other SEO tools. Next, click Compare.

keyword gap tool

The keyword overlap visualization is a useful tool for determining how much or little content you share with your rivals. Additionally, you will access a short list of the best opportunities.

But before we can create a content strategy, let’s scroll down and look at the detailed list.

Let’s narrow the results so that we just see the missing keywords from your site.

Let’s pause for a moment because I want you to really appreciate how beneficial this is. You can see right away which keywords your competitors are ranking for and for which you don’t have a page on your website.

Let’s narrow our focus even more by looking at a list of keywords that we don’t currently rank for but that do so for our rivals in the top 10.

Let’s choose a few keywords and include them in a new keyword list right away.

We can access the Keyword Overview tool by clicking a keyword.

semrush keyword overview

The search, volume, and difficulty score for those specific keywords are all helpful facts that are shown by this tool.

Finding out what queries people are asking about your keyword in the Question area can be quite helpful.

I need to pause once more. This is rather big, you should understand. This has to be highlighted, People are already enquiring about the term you wish to target in these ways.

In essence, the people are providing you with ideas for content. What an amazing thing!

Your content creation might be influenced by knowing what people are looking for in terms of information and what queries they wish to have resolved.

People who are asking these queries should find relevant information in your content. Include these words in your list of important keywords.

You may access the Keyword Manager tool by clicking on the name of your keyword list.

semrush keyword manager tool

All of the keywords in this article have been gathered with important metrics.

And let me add that you can always update in Keyword Manager to get the most recent data available, which is typically data from the same day.

As a result, it’s always the most recent information available. You can organize and, more significantly, prioritize which topics to pursue with the aid of all of these various metrics.

The Click Potential column deserves serious attention. The indicator lets you know how likely it is that users will click on your content.

What will we do once we’ve made a decision about everything? really simple We’re going to go write our content and we’re going to do it in the Semrush Content Marketing Dashboard’s SEO Writing Assistant.

SEO writing assistant

You can use this tool to compare your content to SEO best practices and receive suggestions for creating the best content.

We receive recommendations on the content’s readability as well as SEO suggestions on the proper keywords to utilize.

It also offers us advice on originality and vocal tone.

You may easily make a content plan and even start writing part of the content by following these steps.

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