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11 automated ways t...
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11 automated ways to grow your business with email marketing

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1.  Collect leads to follow up with

Over 95% of your site traffic will not purchase.

If you don't collect emails, they might never come back.

Email marketing keeps the conversation going.


2. Lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

You are spending a lot of money on paid ads to get traffic to your site.

The cost of using email marketing is minimal.

Any conversion from email marketing helps take pressure off your paid spend.


3. Onboard new customers

The customer experience is just beginning after checkout.

Hand-hold your customer and show them how to get the most out of your product/service.

Remind them why they made the right choice with a series of emails.


4. Collect customer feedback

Send out automated email surveys to:
• Track your NPS score
• Collect qualitative feedback
• Set up 1-on-1 customer interviews

You should crave customer feedback.

There will always be answers that surprise you.


5. Increase Lifetime Value (LTV)

The best way to stay in contact with your customer between purchases is by email.

Don't wait and hope for them to come back organically.

Proactively reach out and influence purchase behavior.

6. Retain customers

The moment a customer leaves your site, your competitors are trying to steal their attention.

Use email to stay top of mind.

Provide consistent value and retain their loyalty.


7. Convert window shoppers

A potential customer comes to site, pokes around, looks at some products, and leaves.

Send at least 3 follow-up emails showcasing value props, social proof, and potentially a discount.

This is a high intent customer you want to convert.


8. Convert abandoned carts

These customers need one more push to get them over the finish line.

Again, you can do this with email - all through automation.

Promote urgency. Offer a discount. Include the products they abandoned in the email.



9. Upsell existing customers

Most customers are happy to spend 20-30% more than their average purchase if you nudge them along.

Send automated emails that move them up the ladder.

Showcase premium offerings, bundles, rewards programs, subscriptions, etc.


10. Cross-sell existing customers

Get customers to buy something they never have before.

Look at your product data. There are likely 2 or 3 product combos that go well together.

If someone buys one product and not the other, send an automated cross-sell email.


11. Winback old customers

Your customer hasn't bought in a long time. That's okay.

Winning this customer back is easier and cheaper than acquiring a new one.

Identify the key dropoff point (e.g. has not purchased in 90 days) and set up automated emails around that time.

Posted : 09/05/2022 11:39 am