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8 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page

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What is a landing page?


A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically to boost a marketing campaign.

It is one where a visitor ‘lands’ after clicking on a link in a customized email or an online advertisement.

Landing pages are a great way to ‘light up’ your business. The purpose of a landing page is to get a visitor to take action (to sign up, download, buy, etc.).

There are essentially two types of landing pages – Lead generation landing page and Click-through landing page.


8 ways to improve your landing page

While creating a good landing page is essential to boost sales, it is also essential to know how to improve it.

Here are some tips for striding past your competition and bringing your ‘A game’ to your landing page:


1. Send a clear message

2. Keep navigation simple

3. Ensure that your landing page is responsive and captivating

4. Ensure Call to Action (CTAs)

6. Direct and bold headlines

7. Speed

8. Offer privacy


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Posted : 13/05/2022 9:15 am