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SEO review

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Hello Friends,


 I know most of us have heard about  SEO and may even know a thing or more about it, but some people that are new still don’t know what it is

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly complex procedure, and there are billions of websites contending for the number one spot on the first page of results. As a result, you must ensure that all elements affecting your Google ranking are properly in place and operating together in order for your website to be successful.



While an SEO evaluation is comparable to a web design quality assurance (QA), it focuses entirely on all the aspects that affect your Google ranking. Your Google ranking and content structure are examined in detail in a full SEO assessment.


A technical SEO assessment includes processes such as ensuring your website loads quickly, your sitemap is properly designed for search engines, your backlink profile is healthy, and so on.

Also, the professional who performs your SEO assessment can give you with an action plan to assist you improve over time.


No matter how well-written your content is for SEO purposes, if you ignore the technical parts of SEO, your website will not rank in Google.

An specialist in both the technical and functional parts of search engine optimization should evaluate your website to ensure its Google ranking success in the long run.

Posted : 30/04/2022 6:35 pm
Muogbo Elochukwu Chris
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nice piece


Posted : 07/05/2022 11:04 am