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The Skyscraper technique

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What is skyscraper technique?

Posted : 29/05/2022 5:27 am
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Muogbo Elochukwu Chris
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The Skyscraper Technique is a link building tactic where you, find content that has a lot of links, create your own version on the topic but improve on it, and then reach out to those linking to the popular post and ask them to link to yours.


This technique's procedure is as follows:

  • Find top-performing content in SERPs for keywords related to your brand.
  • Take a "snapshot" of the publishers who are linking to the content you're after.
  • Create a better piece of content that takes advantage of the present material's flaws.
  • Contact each of the publishers who are already linking to those specific pieces of content and tell them about your new article!

Because you're reaching out to publishers and editors who are interested in linking to quality material, this strategy is believed to function well. In essence, you're streamlining your outreach by contacting people who already link to related material.

In a ways, it's a more targeted approach to a backlink gap study because you're reaching out to people who could already be interested in your content.

Posted : 29/05/2022 5:46 am