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How to increase website traffic with On-page SEO

One of the biggest challenges of site owners is how to generate organic traffic, In this article we will be discussing how to increase website traffic with on-page SEO.

Few years ago when i started my online business and published my first website the main problem was how to increase website traffic

it was just me and a few of my friends who knew about my website so I was getting about 30 views a day 50% of it was Me and the rest views are my friends.

So the main problem was really how to get traffic to my website, from that moment I did a lot of research, I tried many things and today i have been able to discover the best ways to generate traffic to websites every single day.

How do I do this, how do I get visits to my website. One of the best sources is simply visits from google, free organic traffic from google and this is where SEO or search engine optimization comes into play.

search engine optimization (How to increase website traffic with On-page SEO)

So  what is SEO in a simple term, it’s a few techniques and some things you apply to your site so you can tell google “hey google i have a site, please rank it, put it at the top of your search results so I can get free traffic from regular search results”.

That’s simply SEO and when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization we have two main parts, on-page SEO and off-page SEO  now to make things simple, on-page SEO is all that you can do on your website like optimizing your articles, titles, images, templates etc.

While off-page SEO which will be covered later in detail in my next article, is everything you do outside of your website like links Backlinks, social media, guest posts, and so on.

In this article we will cover on-page SEO and see how it will help you get traffic for free from google, think of it as the complete guide to on-page SEO and the good thing is we have loads of free resources and free checklists in this article. Keep reading

 As we mentioned earlier on-page SEO is all we can do on our website to help it rank higher in google and I will attach some photos to illustrate it for you so you can know exactly what you should do. So let’s get started.

how to increase website traffic with on-page SEO

Step 1

the first step in the search engine optimization list for on-page SEO  is to select the keyword that you want to focus on. What do we mean by keyword?

 When we go to google we usually search for something, that thing or search term you are looking for is the keyword. For example in my case it’s about digital marketing, so a person who wants to know about digital marketing, will type “what is digital marketing” and will get some results and will click on any of the results that google provided and the site will get traffic.

google search for keyword (How to increase website traffic with On-page SEO)

So your job is to rank your website higher with your target keyword in the first 10 google results. How do you do this?  First is to do a keyword research and to make things more easier for you, go to H-supertools, it’s a free platform for digital marketing tools and SEO.

Keyword Research tool
Keyword Research

Just go to SEO then Keyword Research Tool as shown in the above image.

Type the keyword,  in my case i am looking out for “what is digital marketing” then select country, depending on the region you want to get or choose global if your are target is global audience all over the world and the click search, and you will see the result based on the keyword, number of searches per month and SEO difficulty, this are the basic information you will need, note if the SEO difficulty is high, you likely not rank on google, so ensure to use keyword with good search volume with easy or medium SEO difficulty.

You can also use ahrefs SEO tool probably the number one SEO tool in world to check keywords. So when you have picked your keyword. That will lead us to the next step.

Step 2 on how to increase website traffic with on-page SEO

the next thing to do is to make sure you mention that keyword in the first paragraph of your article, which will also help to increase website traffic

Where is the first paragraph? You can see from the image below,

Article first paragraph
Article first paragraph

As you can see i mentioned it here “What is digital marketing” so first step make sure you mention the target keyword in the first paragraph and the second thing you should know is that you have to write your title, article title in H1 font width

what does that mean? if you check my website and you open any article and go to the title, right click the title and click check we will see the html code the code in the back so you will see this title inside the intro tag h1 make sure to do this if you are developing your website.

In wordpress it is done automatically but I mentioned this just in case you are creating Your custom website in WordPress and I think also in Blogger and all these platforms will do this automatically for you so make sure you use H1 font width for your title.

Step 3        

Number three H2,  Make sure you use a font width for your subtitles you can see this, it’s a font H2 you can make it H3 or H4 so the sub-headings are always h2 headlines and make sure you mention the keyword you want to focus on in one of these sub-headings

Step 4

Mention the keyword you want to focus on multiple times in the article.

You have to know something very important here you need to mention five or six times not putting it all over the place, Don’t overuse this method just mention it in your article in a natural,just keep things simple and normal and write to humans not machines, so mention your keyword a few times.

Step 5 on how to increase website traffic with on-page SEO

Step number 5 is to use the external and internal links in your article.

What do I mean? While reading through this article, you will notice that I made reference to some SEO tool websites, like H-supertools, Ahref and even Semrush, these are external links and they help Google understand what your article is about.

 if you are linking to other websites that are somehow related to keyword and linking to credible sites in your niche you tell google your site has good and Informative content linking to your own credible websites, this will also help you to increase your webpage rank.

So put a link to external credible websites in your article and also put your internal pages links in your site, that is adding links from your older article to the post,  internal linking helps google pass your site from page to page and helps in ranking your web pages so external linking to credible sites and internal linking.

Now  let’s move on to next step

Step 6

Optimizing your titles.

Title optimization is a good way to increase website traffic with on-page SEO The title is very important but before we start optimizing if you are using WordPress, go to your dashboard and install a plugin called monster Insights, this plugin is mainly for analytics and tracking your visitors but there is a small plugin in it that helps to write good title, let’s see illustration from the images below

Title analyzer(How to increase website traffic with On-page SEO)
Title analyzer

metric title analyzer will give you a score on your title so you can improve it, It will also show you some tips to improve your title like include emotional words, strong words, uncommon words and I want to give you a little tip on writing in general especially for titles, authors always say when you want to write a title, write a lot of versions of it like 10 to 15 and then choose One and improve it.

You have to train yourself to write different headlines. My title score is 42, now Let’s see how I can improve it further to get at least 70 in my article.

Title analyzer
Title analyzer

81! You can see that i use some uncommon words, sentimental words and my articles title has improved.

Why is the address so important? If you have nice headlines in your webite which  appeals your visitors they would want to click and read, so this will help keep users on your site to read and navigate more articles

The second main reason that is more important is when you search for something on Google, you click by reading the title only because you may not see images when you search for some things, you will just read the titles and then click on one.

so you need to write a catchy title to increase what we call CTR or click through rate. Click through rate is the percentage of the number of clicks you got out of the total impressions you got from google search results so Make sure you improve your title and make it clickable and attractive. this is a good way to increase website traffic with on-page SEO.

 Step 7

The next step is to go back to the dashboard and install SEO plugin, we have many plugins but in my case I am working with yoast SEO you can use Rank math if you want like this all-in-one seo we have different plugins but I’m familiar with yoast seo and that’s what I’m going to share with you in this article.

this new section in our article here we can set the keyword which is the keyword you focus on, do you remember in the first step what keyword i focus on is digital marketing and I will copy and paste it here that simple Now the plugin will automatically analyze your post readability and post SEO and will tell you what to do like add images, add Internal links, keyword density increase

So it will show you what you did right and what you need to improve on It’s a great plugin. if you scroll to the bottom of the article we will also have this section that will show you how Google will preview your article in the search result or your post.

Google preview using yoast plugin (How to increase website traffic with On-page SEO)
Google preview using yoast plugin

 if you scroll down you will see something called meta description. What is meta description? If you go to google and search for anything you will see a short sentence under the post title describing what the post is all about, see the image below

Meta description(How to increase website traffic with On-page SEO)
Meta description

So you have to improve this meta description, and it’s simple just scroll to the bottom of  the article, you will see in the description box in yoast preview what you have to do is simply mention the keyword you want to focus on in the description Declarative “what is digital marketing” and you can see the green line from the image below it shows everything is perfect so this is the description of my meta just make sure you mention the keyword inside.

Meta description
Meta description

It’s great that brian from created this meta description syntax that you can use if you want to create a meta description and make things easier for you.

Step 8 on how to increase website traffic with on-page SEO

URL optimization

what is URL? see illustration below

Url optimization(How to increase website traffic with On-page SEO)
Url optimization

 you can see the image above, the site name the page Url and a slug article part title in Url, now you need to do two things, keep it short and mention the target keyword, example from the above image you can see the slug is “On-Page SEO Techniques: 10 Actionable tips that work”  so step number eight, improve the url make it short and mention the target keyword I repeat it only for beginners to memorize These rules.

So you can do it in every blog post you create on your website It is very important that you do this if you want to Increase website traffic with on-page SEO.

What’s next?

Step 9

Add and improve statistics, graphics, and graphs within your article.

This is one of the important step to increase website traffic with on-page SEO.

When you open an article, you will see that we have images we have graphics and we have some colors and so this will help improve the user experience and when you improve in experience, people will like your content. obviously this will mean that they might share it and this will give a positive signal to Google that people like this content so it will rank higher.

So always try to add some images and graphics to your article I usually use Canva for design, is one of the best websites for creating anything infographics stories, small videos and social media posts thumbnails and anything so head on to Canva and start creating designs for your content.

A little advice, try to always use the same design on your website, if you check my website you can see the thumbnails the images I’m using somehow have the same font and the same layout, this is related to the branding we’ll talk about the brand later in detail maybe in my next few post but for now just make sure to use the same design in your graphics and images.

If you use Canva to design before posting to your website make sure to change, so convert image format from JPEG or PNG to WEBP, just go to google an search converter there are lots of converters online. anyway this is how you add images Optimize it and compress it before publishing it on your site so make sure you add some images and most importantly image optimization for SEO Our topic is about SEO.

So how do you optimize your images, after uploading image to your article, click on the image and go to the settings you will see the alt text section, write a text in the space provided

Image Optimization
Image Optimization

make sure to mention your keyword inside this image in the alt text, make sure you always do this for your images not always with the focus in the keyword but just make sure you add alt text to your image this will ensure that your image will be optimized for SEO.

Step 10

Step number 10 on how to increase website traffic with on-page SEO, is the final optimization and posting of article.

If you use yoast seo plugin as we said earlier, it will show you when have something wrong with your content and also tell you what you need to do, like to add internal and external links, check keyword phrase density.

Yoast plugin also show you readability analysis of your article. what is readability? it’s simply how much of your article can be read as shown in the image below

Yoast readability analysis
Yoast readability analysis

From the image you will see when you click on the readability icon, you will see some information about the article and show where you need to improve, after the corrections you can now hit the publish button, this step when applied properly will help increase website traffic with on-page SEO.


The  importance of on-page SEO can never be over emphasized and one of the best ways to generate organic traffic from google is by applying some on-page SEO techniques, based on the research carried out over the years results have shown that non of the steps we discussed earlier is more important than the other, which implies that all the 10 steps mentioned above are very significant in on-page search engine optimization and traffic generation.

Did you learn something new from this article, if so make sure to click allow on the pop-up notification on your screen, so you don’t miss any of our weekly tips, tutorials and updates.

I hope this article was helpful  It’s rather long but I tried my best to cover almost all basic concepts of how to increase website traffic with on-page SEO to help you improve and rank your articles.

Now it’s your turn.

Which steps from this content are you going to use first, which are you itching to try first. Either way let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

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